Image of dog bowl for Veterinary Services

Do find that your pet is showing signs of aggressive behaviour? Or are they suffering from separation anxiety? 

Just like humans, cats and dogs have a variety of personalities. Some are friendly, shy, calm, excitable, and some are not friendly. Having a naturally unfriendly pet can be hard, especially when this behaviour starts to seem aggressive.

It can be hard to understand your pet’s behaviour, especially if they are new to the family. More owner’s are finding themselves working with a dog that suffers from separation anxiety due to the work-from-home COVID years. It should be noted that if you pet is a little older, aggression can be a common sign of age, and should not be ignored. If your recently adopted puppy seems to be acting out more than you expected, it is best not to ignore these behaviours. Aggression can occur in both dogs and cats. If you find your pet’s aggression is negatively impacting you and your pet’s life, then it is important to speak about it with your veterinarian. 

Your pet does not have many ways to communicate with you, and a change in their behaviour is a sign that something has changed. If your pet is behaving differently to how they usually do, it is best not to ignore these signs. 

At Beach Avenue Animal Hospital, we may be able to help you find a solution to you and your pet. We can look at medicated and on-medicated anxiety solutions available. 

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