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It is highly important that we detect and treat glaucoma and problems relating to pressure in the eye as soon as possible. The quicker the treatment, the less vision your pet is likely to lose. We can test your pets eye for excess pressure using a tonometer. This is not painful and does not require sedation.

Glaucoma can cause permanent vision loss if not treated immediately (within hours to days). If your pet suffers an eye injury this test should also be performed. 

Some breeds are more prone to developing glaucoma, so make sure you discuss this with your vet clinic and arrange regular measurements of eye pressure to prevent any irreversible problems. 

Call us if you notice any of the following problems in either or both of your pet’s eyes:

  • dilated (enlarged) pupils
  • clouding of the cornea (the normally clear outer layer of the eye)
  • red or bloodshot eyes
  • one eye protruding or appearing larger than the other
  • squinting
  • tearing

Because glaucoma is painful, your pet may rub or paw at the eyes or rub their head against the objects more than normal.